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Cox Flexion-Distraction

This technique is specific for low back pain, including treatment of disc problems, sciatica, and joint degeneration. Using gentle force on the lower back, the doctor glides the table in different directions to get each vertebra to move. Many patients prefer this method of adjusting because there is no audible release (or “pop”) as the joints regain motion.  Learn more about this method at www.coxtechnic.com.


This method of treatment is the most common chiropractic technique and includes adjustments of the full spine. By applying gentle, quick pressure on the joints, they regain segmental motion, and inflammation is decreased in the surrounding muscles. Often, this adjustment is accompanied by an audible release.

Thompson Drop-Table Technique

This technique is related to Diversified; however, the doctor uses a special table which has “drop pieces.” These drop pieces are raised slightly, and when the doctor pushes on the patient, the table absorbs the force. Many patients like this type of adjustment because the adjustment is very comfortable.


Using a spring-loaded, handheld instrument, the chiropractor applies a very specific, low-force pulse to the troubled joints. Since the Activator instrument has variable force, it is a great tool for adjusting children, the TMJ, arms, and legs. Usually, no audible release is heard. Learn more about this method at www.activator.com.

Logan Basic (Pediatrics)

This technique is a low-force, gentle method of correcting full-spine problems in children, especially infants. By applying constant, gentle pressure to the ligaments at the base of the spine, the doctor can release spinal or muscle tension that may be causing constipation, colic, or general malaise in newborns and infants.

Intersegmental Traction

The IST or “roller table” gently mobilizes the spinal joints and relaxes the surrounding muscles. Using this table after a chiropractic adjustment helps the body adapt to the changes in motion.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound is a proven way to reduce pain and inflammation in damaged soft tissues. It has great effects on upper and lower extremity injuries. By helping break up scar tissue, this treatment can also increase an injured joint’s range of motion.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

This therapy reduces pain and muscle spasm by affecting the nerves in specific joints and muscles. There is no shock effect, just a gentle, relaxing feeling deep in the muscle tissues.


These most basic, yet effective therapies are offered and help reduce pain and discomfort in nearly every type of injury.

Rehabilitative Exercises

With specific training in sports rehabilitation, Dr. Green, DC, can help rehab arm, leg, or back injuries with specific exercises. These exercises can be adapted to treat everyone, from professional athletes to grandparents who just want to walk with their families or play golf occasionally.