Chiropractic care carries enormous potential to help you resolve chronic pain, heal injuries, and address other health problems you might be having. But like anything else, chiropractic practices can range in their skill and safety. If you’re seeking chiropractic care, we urge you to be aware of these following four aspects of the practice which can indicate their professionalism and skill.

You should receive an initial screening and consultation. Your chiropractor should gather a full medical history and consult with you on your concerns, and then develop a treatment plan specific to your needs. Be wary of anyone who wants to start off with chiropractic adjustments within five minutes of meeting you!

Your chiropractor adjusts your spine. A chiropractor might coordinate a variety of different types of care to address your particular health situation. However, spinal adjustments to relieve interference in the nervous system is an important cornerstone of the practice. Your chiropractor should address problems within your spine in most cases, rather than only prescribing massages and other therapies.

Your chiropractor tracks your progress. Rarely does a single adjustment solve everything. Your chiropractor should focus on developing a treatment plan, and then following up with you to ensure that the plan is helping you.

Your chiropractor addresses more than just your pain. Yes, chronic pain might be one of the main reasons you seek chiropractic care. But a great chiropractor is concerned with more than symptom management. The two of you should be having discussions revolving around preventing injuries and maintaining good health.

Call us to schedule your initial consultation, so that we can discuss all of your concerns in detail. Then together we will formulate a treatment plan, continue to monitor your progress, and offer you the type of support you need to get and stay healthy.