If you’ve shifted to telecommuting, or are otherwise sheltering in place, you’re spending a lot more time at home lately. As your daily habits change, make sure you’re using proper posture and keeping yourself healthy by following these tips.

Try to keep a regular schedule. We won’t be living this way forever, and the last thing you need is a painful adjustment period when your schedule goes back to normal. Stick to your regular sleep cycle, and continue to use proper sleeping positions. On your back is best, but if you’re a side sleeper use cushions to support yourself. The goal is to keep your spine aligned in a straight line, without any slumping.

Adjust your work environment. Maybe you had a comfortable setup at work, but now you’re thinking a few weeks working from the couch are no big deal. Sorry to disappoint you, but reclining with a mobile device in your lap really isn’t the healthiest way to work.

Establish an office space at home, including a computer screen that is directly in front of your gaze so that you aren’t forced to look up or down. Adjust your chair so that you’re sitting at the correct height, with hands hovering comfortably over your keyboard. Sit with your feet planted on the floor in front of you, and use a lumbar support cushion if necessary.

And remember, standing desks can be a great idea, too. Follow the same guidelines with regard to the height of your computer screen.

Stretch regularly. One of the positive aspects of working from home is that you feel free to stretch and move around as needed. Take advantage of that freedom; get up and walk around for a few minutes each hour, and perform some simple stretches.

Continue your regular chiropractic adjustments. Yes, we’re still open, and we’re taking precautions to protect our patients. Call us with your concerns, and let’s schedule your next adjustment so that we can keep your spine healthy.