From day to day, many of us experience a few odd symptoms within our bodies. But we’re all so busy that we often don’t pay much attention to them. Or, you might rely upon over-the-counter pain medications to get you through the day. But if you notice any of the following symptoms on a regular basis, particularly if you suffer from several of them at once, it is time to seek out chiropractic care.


A simple soreness, for example from a tough workout, will often resolve within a day or two. But when pain goes on and on, we need to take a look and discover the cause. For example, a misalignment of the spine won’t just resolve on its own. Don’t spend weeks or months in pain when you could begin feeling better much sooner.


For some reason, many patients ignore swelling or aren’t aware of it. Perhaps it simply feels less pressing than pain. But swelling is a sign of an injury that the body is attempting to address, so we should take a look at it and see what’s going on.

Loss of Function

When certain areas experience pain, we often alter the way we move in order to accommodate them. But that can result in new soreness or injuries! And the last thing you want is to miss out on work or other regular activities due to being sidelined by loss of function. Let’s get to the bottom of the problem with regular chiropractic care, so that you can enjoy life again.

Certain areas feel hot to the touch

Heat is a sign of inflammation, which means the body is trying to heal an injury. But in some cases, the inflammatory response goes on and on; it refuses to “turn off”. Chiropractic care can address the injury so that your body heals more efficiently.


Redness is a sign that your body is working to heal a problem. But if it goes on for very long, you probably need some help to heal more rapidly.

Do any of those symptoms sound familiar? If so, seeking chiropractic care is in order. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we can determine the source of your symptoms. Then we will make a plan to help you heal.