Social media is full of tips on how to get a “summer body”. Often this refers to slimming down and looking great in a swimsuit. But a “summer body” is more than a matter of vanity; we should all take advantage of the warm weather to improve our health! Follow these five tips to get in better shape and ward off health problems.

Eat local. In many cases, the produce you can purchase at your favorite grocery store isn’t always the freshest. Those fruits and veggies are often picked before peak ripeness, packed onto a truck, and driven hundreds or even thousands of miles before they finally reach the store’s shelves. Not only is their taste compromised; nutritional value isn’t always the best, either.

Head to the nearest farmer’s market this summer, and stock up on seasonally-available, fresh fruits and veggies. They’re usually picked when fully ripe, and sold at the market later that morning.

Stay hydrated. Dehydration can occur more quickly during hot weather, especially if you’re enjoying more time outdoors. But because muscle cells don’t perform as well without the proper balance of hydration and electrolytes, you must take extra care to drink water during the summer.

“Stock up” on free vitamin D. Vitamin D contributes to healthy bones and teeth, fends off depression, decreases inflammation in the body, and promotes brain development during pregnancy and early childhood. Since your body manufactures its own vitamin D when exposed to sunlight, take advantage of the long days and warm temps to “stock up” on this important nutrient now.

Exercise. Enjoy fun outdoor activities like cycling, Roller-Blading, swimming, hiking, or surfing, and exercise won’t feel like a chore! Regular exercise is one of the best ways to prevent weight gain, and keep muscles and joints strong.

Make an appointment with a chiropractor. Since many of us tend to be more active in summer, you might also become more prone to muscle fatigue or injuries at this time. Make an appointment with us to discuss alignment, and get an adjustment to keep your nervous system, muscles, and joints healthy and performing at peak levels.