We’re always here for you in the event of an injury or any other cause of back pain. But fortunately, many of these situations can be prevented. Use these six tips to prevent some of the most common causes of back pain.

Lift with your legs, not your back. When lifting or moving heavy objects, always, always, always squat first and then lift with your legs. Don’t ever bend or twist to lift or move anything. It’s simply not worth the risk!

Exercise regularly and use proper form. Regular exercise keeps your muscles strong, helping you prevent injuries. Focus on your core, because toned core muscles prevent you from overcompensating with your back muscles. Just remember to use proper form at all times during exercise, so that you don’t risk injury.

Avoid sedentary activities. Many of us have office jobs these days, but you shouldn’t get too comfortable at work. Get up and move around about every half hour, because sitting for long periods of time actually increases your risk of back problems.

Invest in ergonomic work equipment. Make sure your chair, desk, and computer monitor are all at the correct heights. You should be able to sit comfortably with both feet flat on the floor and look straight forward at your monitor (not up or down).

Sleep on your back or side (with proper support). Sleeping on your stomach places too much pressure on your spine. Both your lower back and your neck can suffer from improper curvature or twisting in this position. Sleep on your back instead, or on your side with the proper support pillows.

Use a good mattress and pillow. You spend approximately one third of your life in bed, sleeping. Invest in a good, supportive mattress and pillow. Your health and comfort are worth the investment!

Even if you follow all of these tips to the letter, back pain can still happen. Call us to schedule a consultation, and together we can decide whether regular chiropractic care is right for your situation.