Many people think of the chiropractor as “someone I see when I’ve injured my back.” But a chiropractor does much more than treat back injuries. In fact, visiting a chiropractor at the first warning sign of a problem can actually prevent more serious conditions from developing. If you notice any of the following 8 signs or symptoms, visit a chiropractor for preventive care.

You live a sedentary life. Believe it or not, too much inactivity also predisposes you to back pain and other problems. If you aren’t very active, come see us about postural adjustments and stretching exercises that can help you stay healthier and pain-free.

You feel like your posture is “off” or unbalanced. Maybe one shoulder looks higher than the other, or you feel that your hips are misaligned. You might simply detect a vague “twisted” feeling. Whatever it is, a chiropractor can address misalignments before they snowball into pain and loss of function.

The soles of your shoes are unevenly worn. This is a sign most people don’t even think to check! But unevenly worn shoes are a sign of a misalignment or something wrong with your stride.

Range of motion feels limited. Do you feel stiff or inflexible? A structural misalignment can lead to tight muscles and limited range of motion. And when you can’t move appropriately, you could be more prone to injuries.

You feel tingling. A tingling sensation can be an early warning sign of a pinched nerve. We should address that before it morphs into full blown pain.

You’re under a lot of stress. Mental and emotional stress can result in physical stress in the body. Plus, we can work with your parasympathetic nervous system to help you relax and reduce stress.

You’re an active athlete. Staying active is great in most respects but can predispose you to repeated motion injuries along with other problems. Seeing a chiropractor regularly can help to prevent discomfort and pain from a strenuous exercise routine.

You just feel under the weather. If you simply feel like you’re not performing at your best, due to fatigue, minor discomforts, headaches, minor digestive discomforts, and so on, come see us. We can assess you for issues with your nervous system that prevent your body’s systems from performing at optimal levels.