You might not think about this as being a source of injury, but we frequently see patients who are experiencing pain after spending a whole weekend cleaning the house. People rarely consider this to be something that could result in pain, but any time we use repetitive motions or engage in physical activity in excess of our usual routine, we risk straining our muscles and joints.

So, remember this tips to protect your back and other muscles if you decide to do some spring cleaning.

Vacuum one room at a time. When you vacuum, you’re pushing and pulling a heavy appliance with only one arm. This twisting motion can cause some serious back pain if you over do it! So, resist the urge to do all of the floors in the entire house, all at once. Switch it up and alternate vacuuming with other chores so that you give your back a break.

Switch hands. Another trick is to switch hands when you vacuum. Do the living room with your right hand, and the bedroom with your left, and so on. Yes, it feels awkward, but will help you avoid overuse of one side of your body.

Scrub smart. If you find yourself on hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, use proper posture. Keep your knees underneath you, and keep your body “squared” over hands and knees. Avoid reaching too far or straining to reach difficult spots.

If you do experience pain after a weekend of deep cleaning, come see us. We may be able to help.