Fibromyalgia has become a somewhat common diagnosis, affecting at least 4 million American adults. And while symptoms can appear differently in each individual, the common complaint from fibromyalgia sufferers is that pain can come on with seemingly no provocation or warning, and that it can be severe enough to seriously disrupt daily activities.

Other symptoms shared by those with fibromyalgia include tightening muscles, loss of movement in the spine, intense fatigue, stiff joints, depression, and difficulty sleeping. Fibromyalgia can majorly disrupt the patient’s life, with 92 percent saying their illness affects life decisions, and 68 percent reporting that their symptoms impede their ability to care for their families.

Both the cause and potential cures for fibromyalgia are still undergoing intense research. For now, those who suffer pain from fibromyalgia typically must address their symptoms as much as possible, even if we aren’t sure of the cause.

Because chiropractic treatments can help to relax stiffened muscles and improve mobility in the spine, we absolutely can help to manage fibromyalgia symptoms. In fact, studies have shown that fibromyalgia sufferers who seek chiropractic treatment experience a reduction in pain, better sleep, improved mood, and higher energy levels. In particular, they often report that back and neck pain are diminished. Often this is the case when we treat subluxations in the spine, to end irritation of those nerves. Other chiropractic techniques can address sleeplessness, depression, and other associated symptoms.

If you’re experiencing pain associated with your fibromyalgia diagnosis, you don’t have to suffer alone. Call us to schedule a consultation, and we will discuss various chiropractic treatment methods to address your chronic pain, improve your quality of life, and even prevent the need for prescription pain medications if that is your goal.