If you spent the summer on the golf course, you might have hoped that your game would gradually improve. Instead, you’re feeling stiff or sore, and maybe your swing is suffering. While chiropractic treatments won’t exactly turn you into Tiger Woods overnight, getting some help for your aching back will help you improve your swing and probably your score as well.

Golf requires a quick, twisting motion to execute the perfect swing, and unfortunately that puts you at risk of a repetitive motion injury. And once you’ve injured your back, you will automatically adjust your posture during other activities. This puts you at increased risk of injury, and places strain on numerous muscle groups. An overworked or injured back can create a snowball effect of pain, stiffness, and loss of motion.

On top of back pain, any loss of function in your ankles, knees, hips, or shoulders will also impact your posture and performance. Everything from loading up your clubs, to walking the course, and even driving your cart might feel a bit uncomfortable.

Alignment and proper function of all your joints is so important to overall posture and form. It’s no wonder that your swing might be affected!

If you’re suffering from any discomfort or tightness, whether in your back or any of your joints, call us to schedule a consultation for chiropractic treatments. We can relieve any alignment problems and ease your pain, so that your body can begin healing. Once you’ve returned to your full level of functioning, we would bet that your golf game improves!

But of course, remember to stretch before every game, drink plenty of water, and lift your club bag by squatting rather than bending. If you feel any discomfort during or after your game, call us right away so that we can help you heal fast.