All parts of our bodies are interconnected, and the functioning of each part depends upon the functioning of the others. This is particularly true with regard to the nervous system. Because the brain, spine, and nerves serve as the body’s communication system, any malfunction in those parts can create a ripple effect of negative symptoms in other parts of the body.

You might not immediately associate your sinus problems with a nervous system dysfunction, but the two can actually be related!

The sinuses perform an important function, producing mucus to flush germs and foreign matter out of the body to keep you healthy. But due to colds, allergies, and other reasons, the sinuses can become clogged and then stay that way. If you’ve ever experienced weeks of congestion and sniffles after an illness, you know what we’re talking about! It seems as though your body is “stuck” in illness mode, and just can’t get well again.

These chronic sinus issues are called sinusitis, and can come along with headaches, insomnia, and a chronic cough. The nervous system needs to tell the sinuses that the threat is over, and that they can resume normal operations. But sometimes that message doesn’t get through.

When your nervous system is under pressure, it might not signal to the rest of your body appropriately. Luckily in the case of sinusitis, just a few chiropractic adjustments and even some gentle pressure to the sinus area can encourage them to drain, and for functioning to return to normal.

Always remember that many chronic health issues can actually be traced back to the nervous system. And call us to schedule an appointment, so that we can discuss your situation in detail. Then we will make a plan for chiropractic care so that you can get some relief.