Stress and Your Health


Some people deal with stressful situations better than others. Why? The answer is complex and includes many factors from genetics to weather conditions, but an interesting study in The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics indicates that there is a relationship between chiropractic and the effect it can have on dealing with stressful situations in your life.

This study revealed that nearly one in three patients viewed their lives as moderately to severely stressful, and more than 50 percent felt that stress had a moderate to severe impact on their health problems. Additionally, 71 percent of the patients indicated that it would be helpful if their chiropractor offered advice to help them cope with these stressful situations.

Communicating with your chiropractor about dealing with stress is the starting point, and you might be surprised to find that your chiropractor is full of sound advice on ways to effectively deal with stress in your life. Most people know that improving nerve and spinal function has a dramatic impact on improving emotional, mental and physical function. Getting the most out of your chiropractic care may include talking to your chiropractor about effective strategies to deal with the stress in your life, so be sure to inform your chiropractor about your personal situation so he or she can help you improve your health and wellness at maximum levels.

[Source: JMPT, July/August 1999 (originally published in the PCD Chiropractic Newsletter)]


The most common symptoms naturally include headache, backache and fatigue as well as cardiovascular disorders (high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, etc.), digestive problems (ulcers, colitis, etc.), and sleeping difficulties.


Chiropractic involves touch; this factor alone sets the stage for release of muscular tension. Your chiropractor administers one or a series of manipulations (“adjustments”) to the spine and surrounding musculature. The adjustments may help the fatigue or stress by removing nerve irritation, releasing muscular tension and improving blood circulation. To see if chiropractic may be able to help you call (951) 230-8389 today for a complimentary consultation.