Kids and teens reap many benefits from participating in sports, but with participation comes a higher risk of injury. Unfortunately, injuries are common in youth athletes just as in adults. They occur due to overtraining, improper form, poor technique, and lack of conditioning. Simply failing to warm up before strenuous activity is even a risk factor.

Common sports injuries can range from mild to severe, and include everything from bruises and pulled muscles, to more alarming situations like traumatic brain injury.

To prevent sports injuries, follow these guidelines:

  • Seek a pre-participation physical exam first. This exam will help to determine if there are underlying conditions that make physical activity dangerous for your child.
  • Remind your child to stretch before and after practice sessions and games. Warming up prevents many common injuries like sprains and torn muscles.
  • Prevent overuse injuries by taking rest days, or alternating sports. Playing only one sport year-round can be too hard on certain muscles and joints.
  • Encourage your child to speak up in the event that they feel faint, dizzy, or overtired. And they should certainly report any pain that they’re feeling. It’s okay to take a break!
  • Make sure your coach or someone at all practices and games is certified in CPR.
  • Remind your child to take their water bottle and sip regularly.
  • If helmets, knee pads, and other protective gear are required for your child’s sport, make sure all players and coaches are diligent about their use. In some cases this gear can save a child’s life.

And of course, if your child does feel any pain, call us right away. We can treat the pain with gentle chiropractic techniques and help your young athlete heal quickly.