From preparing healthy meals to getting more exercise, most of us feel that taking proper care of ourselves sure is time consuming! Yes, in order to enjoy better health, rearranging your priorities is sometimes necessary. But that doesn’t mean you must spend hours per day jumping through hoops. The key is in creating routines that support your body rather than working against it.

For example, there is one simple thing you can do for about ten minutes per day, that will make a big difference. Create a stretching routine to get you going in the mornings, and for recovery after exercise, and you will enjoy numerous health benefits.

Stretching supports proper spinal alignment.

When muscles tighten from overuse or injury, they often do so in an asymmetrical way. For example, you might pull a muscle in your right shoulder while playing tennis. Since the muscles of your shoulders, back, and chest affect spinal alignment, any tightness in these muscles can contribute to misalignment in the spine. Regular stretching helps to prevent this problem.

Stretching can prevent injuries, too.

A regular stretching routine will improve your flexibility and range of motion, which can actually prevent injuries from occurring. By simply incorporating a stretching routine into your day, you can save yourself days or weeks of pain and recuperation later.

Stretching is good for your mental health, too.

A stretching routine offers your body and mind a chance to rest, as you breathe deeply and relax tight muscles. Focus on your breath and movements, clear your mind, and reorient yourself to the present moment. As you exhale, visualize your breath blowing stress away from you.

Since you don’t need any special equipment, stretching can be done just about anywhere. Put together a routine today, and commit yourself to this simple but effective strategy for better health.

If you do suspect an injury or misalignment of the spine, call us right away. With a few simple chiropractic adjustments, we can address your discomfort and support your nervous system to function at its best.