You know the old saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That’s true of any health decision, from eating a healthy diet to prevent chronic disease, to wearing a seatbelt to prevent injury. It’s even true for chiropractic care.

We tend to think of chiropractic care as something we seek out after an injury, or when some other painful condition has presented itself. But the prevention rule is true with regard to your spinal health, as well. Seeking regular chiropractic care can keep your spine healthy and maintain its mobility, so that you’re less likely to develop painful or inconvenient back conditions later.

Spinal misalignments. Sometimes misalignments can exist without prompting immediate symptoms. But over time, you will begin to experience pain and issues moving around. This is especially true as we age; you probably don’t know many older people who don’t experience at least some aches and pains! When you engage in regular chiropractic care, we can address those spinal misalignments early in their development, before they begin to cause you problems.

Preventing illness. It’s not all about back and neck pain, either! The spine is a central part of the nervous system, which communicates with and controls your immune system. Keeping your spine healthy and free of misalignments or compressions can boost nervous system communication with the immune system. Therefore, regular chiropractic care can actually help to promote healthy immunity, which we all need throughout our lifetimes.

Your spine is quite literally the backbone of your overall health. Take care of it, and you will promote better health throughout your body. For more information on routine, preventive chiropractic care, give us a call. We offer a monthly adjustment plan that we can tailor to your unique needs and concerns.