We tend to think of kids as very adaptable, imagining that they can bend and twist their bodies into any position. But the truth is that proper posture and alignment are just as important for them! Remember, they are growing and their bodies are developing. And of course, we want them to grow up healthy and free of pain or discomfort.

Much of their school work is performed on a computer these days, so kids need a good ergonomic workstation just like we do! Things like monitor and chair height should be adjusted to accommodate the person using them, and this applies to children as well as adults.

We also need to look at how kids are sitting when they’re reading. It’s important to bring books up in front of their faces, so that they’re looking with a level gaze. Bending the neck to look down at study materials, as they’re lying on a table or bed, will put strain on the neck over time.

Remember, kids can benefit from chiropractic care, too. Give us a call if your child is experiencing any type of pain, or if you just want to learn more about how to protect them as they grow.