At some point in our lives, about 85 percent of us will see a doctor for back pain. But despite how common this type of pain is, doctors aren’t always able to pinpoint the cause. Likewise, prescribed medications or treatments can be hit-and-miss. Some medications, such as opioids, can even become dangerous.

That leaves many sufferers of back pain – particularly low back pain, which is incredibly common – seeking answers elsewhere. If you’re wondering whether chiropractic care can address low back pain, the answer is yes! And in recent years, more and more studies have supported this method of treatment.

A 2018 study published in JAMA Network Open reported on the results of chiropractic care for low back pain. Half of a study group of 750 active-duty military members were assigned to typical routine medical care, while the other half received the same mode of treatment plus chiropractic care.

After six weeks, the group that had received chiropractic care reported

  • Lower intensity of pain
  • Lower incidence of disability and more improvement in function
  • Lower need for pain medication
  • Higher levels of satisfaction with their treatment

These results can be especially encouraging to those who wish to avoid being sidelined for long periods of time due to pain, and who desire to be more proactive and involved in their own treatment.

For those who wish to avoid prescription pain medication, in particular, chiropractic care for low back pain can be invaluable. If you experience pain in your lower back, come see us first. We can address the cause of your pain, and administer treatments geared toward your specific situation.