Chiropractic care can also be preventive in nature, meaning seeking regular adjustments and oversight from a chiropractor can ward off a number of common health complaints. If you’ve experienced pain in the past, or are involved in a high-stress work environment, regular chiropractic appointments can become a cornerstone of your health maintenance routine.

And we have good news: Yes, the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA as it is commonly called, does offer coverage for chiropractic care! It is part of the standard package of care offered to all veterans of the US armed forces.

In addition to diagnostic services, we can help you manage your condition(s) with chiropractic adjustments, patient education, active rehabilitation, and sometimes other types of care.

Pain management via a chiropractor is preferable for many reasons, but in particular we focus on addressing the source of the pain rather than simply addressing symptoms. Many conventional doctors provide pain medication to help their patients cope with chronic pain, but these drugs can be addictive and occasionally trigger unpleasant side effects. We would rather help you get healthy and stay healthy without the need for potentially hazardous prescriptions that are often used long-term.

We were recently admitted to a network that provides chiropractic treatment to veterans, and we’re proud to provide this service to you. Since you do need a referral from your primary care physician, do make an appointment with them first. Tell them you’re interested in pursuing chiropractic care with us, get the referral, and then give us a call to schedule your first appointment. It’s that simple, and soon we will have you on the road to a comfortable recovery from chronic pain and other discomforts.