For a number of reasons, people often think they can or should perform their own chiropractic adjustments at home. Maybe it’s the weekend and you don’t want to wait for an appointment, or you’re overly busy, or you’re just concerned about the cost of professional care. So, a friend watches a YouTube video on “cracking your back” and offers to do it for you.

The do-it-yourself (DIY) mentality is admirable when it comes to home improvement or other projects. But when your health and safety is concerned, we definitely do not recommend that you attempt your “chiropractic adjustments”.

First of all, cracking your back is not the same as a real chiropractic adjustment. People often have this mistaken impression, probably due to the sound your back makes and perhaps the temporary feeling of relief you might feel.

A chiropractor spends several years studying the spine and nervous system, and chiropractic adjustments are offered only after we fully assess your condition and possible underlying causes. Adjustments are specifically geared toward your unique situation. More importantly, we perform them safely!

Your friend probably does not possess the same level of knowledge and experience. And one wrong move could pull or twist one or more vertebrae out of place. The risks of cracking your back at home include:

  • Pinching a nerve, resulting in numbness or limited mobility
  • Torn muscles, which can be painful and limit range of motion
  • Overstretched ligaments that can raise your risk of osteoarthritis
  • Injury to blood vessels in the neck and back
  • Severe muscle injury that might require surgery to correct

Chiropractors offer a number of treatments, geared toward your particular problem(s). So rather than attempt at-home fixes that might not even address your condition and could potentially make it worse or create new problems, please save the chiropractic adjustments for the experts! Give us a call to set an appointment, and we will offer safe and professional care as promptly as possible.