Every year, millions of patients report happy results from their chiropractic care. If you’re considering making an appointment with a chiropractor, here’s what you should know before your initial appointment.

We focus on helping patients avoid pain medications. Back and neck injuries or pain represent the most common reasons patients seek chiropractic treatments. But it helps to be clear on what type of treatment you’re seeking. We hope to help you avoid the need for medications, by treating the root cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Chiropractors must be qualified to practice. Chiropractors attend four years of school and must pass four national exams plus a state licensure exam before we are allowed to practice. After that, continuing education classes are required to continue to remain licensed. Don’t be hesitant to ask about your chiropractor’s qualifications; we want you to feel safe and comfortable.

You don’t need a referral. You can call us directly to make an appointment, rather than seeking a referral from your primary care physician. However, it’s always a good idea to inform you doctor of any chiropractic treatments that you decide to pursue.

We do more than treat back pain. Chiropractors are most often associated with back pain treatment. But because our practice revolves around treating the nervous system, so that messages can be shared more effectively throughout the body, we can help you with a wide range of health problems. Make a list of anything you want to discuss before visiting, so that we can put together the most thorough treatment plan for you.

You will probably need more than one appointment. Most health concerns won’t be resolved within a single office visit. We will construct a plan for treatment and continue to reassess your condition to be sure you’re making progress.