You woke up this morning with a stiff or sore neck… Should you call a chiropractor? Maybe. But let’s discuss the circumstances so that you can decide for sure. Keep in mind that a blog cannot diagnose an illness, but can give you information you need before proceeding to seek chiropractic or medical attention.

How long has your neck felt stiff or sore? If you feel it first thing in the morning, but it wears off within a few hours, the problem probably lies in improper sleep posture. We can certainly discuss this issue with you, but it might be a one-time occurrence.

Sometimes, people who clench their jaws or grind their teeth in their sleep will discover that pain has spread to their neck and shoulders. Ask your partner (if you have one) whether you have noticed you grinding your teeth at night.

Do you suspect an injury? Were you in a minor fender-bender accident within the past few days? Did you reach for something the wrong way, or too quickly, and feel a muscle pull? Do you play any sports or engage in exercises that might have contributed to a frequent-use injury? We can definitely help you cope with pain or stiffness due to any of these causes.

Is the pain spreading to other parts of the body? You definitely want to seek attention.

Do you feel the need for pain medication? If the pain is severe enough to consider medication, it’s serious enough to warrant chiropractic care. We can help you resolve the source of the pain so that you don’t risk developing a dependence upon pain pills.

Are you experiencing flu-like symptoms? Neck stiffness combined with flu-like symptoms can actually signal the onset of meningitis, a potentially serious infection. If you notice a fever, headache, disorientation, or nausea/vomiting along with your stiff neck, seek medical attention to first rule out the possibility of meningitis.

Neck stiffness and pain can be associated with numerous causes, but luckily it is a simple sprain or postural problem in most cases. Give us a call, and we’ll establish chiropractic care to help you feel more comfortable.