You work in a nice, air-conditioned office. It’s not like you’re out digging ditches all day… So why are you still so sore?

Actually, too much sitting can be hard on your body. That’s especially true if you’re not sitting correctly, and working in an ergonomic way. Incorporate these workplace wellness tips into your office setting, and your body will thank you later.

Establish an ergonomic work space. “Ergonomic” means that something is designed for efficiency and comfort, particularly with regard to a work environment. Unfortunately, many of our work spaces are not very ergonomic, and need adjustment in order to prevent muscle strains, backaches, and other problems often associated with long days spent at a desk.

  • Keyboards should be positioned so that your elbows are bent at slightly more than a 90-degree angle
  • Monitors should be placed so that you’re looking straight ahead, not up or down
  • Knees should be placed underneath the desk/keyboard (if sitting)
  • Don’t sit on a wallet; the imbalance in hip height can lead to soreness
  • Your chair should have an adjustable height, lumbar support, and wheels
  • Standing desks are a good option for many


If you wear glasses… Some people who wear reading glasses need a special pair for use at the computer. You shouldn’t need to tip your head back to see through bifocals, since this can lead to neck strain and/or headaches.

Avoid long periods of sedentary activity. Sitting for many hours can result in poor circulation, sore muscles, muscle strain, and low energy. Establish break times to get up and move around (once per hour is ideal). Walk around the office for a minute or two, do some shoulder rolls, stretch your forearms and legs, and turn your head from side to side a few times.

Chiropractic care can help. Yes, we can address any pain that you’re currently experiencing. But perhaps more importantly, we can review your daily habits and make recommendations for a more ergonomic lifestyle. Schedule an appointment with us to discuss your symptoms and concerns, and we’ll help you pinpoint the problems and remedy them.